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Purasilk-skin care for teens

Skin Care of teens sometime battle for parents.battle because in teens hormones are change rapidly and , sun exposure, lack of hydration and keeping skin clean are some of the main issue that can lead to blemishes, acne, rash, sunburn and dry skin. Hormonal activity can bring major changes to a teen’s skin. Special  precautions can help maintain your teen’s natural glow and beauty for a long time to come and provide adequate sunburn relief from overexposure.Purasilk Share some of tips to take care of teens skin healthy living.
1.Eat a Balanced Diet and Keep himself well Hydrated.

For healthy skin eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food because it leads to acne on face.Drinks lots of water water  responsible for maintain your body and hydration. Intake of a balanced diet will directly reflect on overall skin care health. Junk food and soda drinks can lead to acne flare-ups and increase salt content – leading to increased dehydration and poor skin health

2. Cleansing,Sun Protection and Moisturizing
Daily clean your face when coming from outside with skin care cleanser.In environment there are so many chemicals are mixed in air which harsh teens skin.
3.Avoid Smoking because smoking greatly effect the skin.

Purasilk-Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a serious and sometimes fatal disease but some of people don’t take it seriously.Skin cancer is abnormal growth of skin cells  on the outer layer of skin.Its increasing rapidly because of ultraviolet rays which directly causes harm to our skin.Skin cancer is a growing disease among people with consistent exposure to the sun.People are not always even aware of what different skin marks are – moles, warfs and lentigos are often mixed up with liver spots .So Purasilk want to share some skin cancer factors which may increase the risk.

1.Excessive sun Exposure:-Person who spent lots of time in the sun and skin is not Protected from any skin care Product and clothing.Using sun screen Product is a minor task that can prevent big problems.You can also use Purasilk Sun Screen Products.

2. Sunny Climate:-People who live in cold climate always has a good skin as compared to people who lived in sunny high temperature and elevations area because the sun light is stronger which exposes more radiation which is result cause of skin cancer.

3.Moles:-Human being which has large number of moles be cause of skin cancer.Many person which has larger and irregular than normal moles are mostly cancerous.

4.Family History of skin cancer:-If parents and Sibling are suffered from skin cancer then it may increase the chance of Skin cancer in next Generation.

5.Weak Immune system:- Human Body which has weak immune system has more chance of skin cancer Development Also more Precaution is needed for those which have sensitive skin.


Purasilk-Anti Aging skin care

As you mature, you will see a lot of changes on your face, that often create you look even mature than you actually are. that is the primary factor of concentrate in our everyday lifestyle, but also the place of your system with the most delicate skin .PuraSilk is a brand-new anti-aging product that is easy to implement and has been technically verified to enhance the overall look  when providing amazing moisturization to the top area of the epidermis. It is a mix of four considerable components, each and every involved because of its confirmed power to replenish moisture, assist in the fight against aging and all while being amazingly relaxing yet useful. PuraSilk can decrease the look of facial lines, collections, infrequent skin tone, age areas, decrease epidermis plus may enhance the overall overall look of your epidermis.Purasilk contains Gatuline A, Centella asiatica, Sepilift DPHP and Aloe notara Vera.All these substances are capable of infiltrating deeply into your skin and

Purasilk Anti-aging Products

helping in the treatment of broken tissues.Purasilk Quickly consumed by your epidermis and making no greasy remains, what this product basically does is increase the stages of bovine collagen development in your body, along with obtaining proper stages of wetness for your epidermis tissues.


Purasilk-Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentation means the ailments affect the color of your skin.Our skin cells has substance called melanin which gives you shade of your skin.Those skin cells which is ruined are accountable for increase in melanin creation.With skin Pigments the skin color can range from almost black which has very high concentrations of the dark brown pigment melanin.Your Skin color shows the amount of melanin in your skin cells.if the skin color is light then low amount of melanin in your body and if Your skin is changed with dark color then high amounts of substance is present in your skin cells.To avoid Skin Pigmentation  and dark spot removal Purasilk share some Home remedies for skin pigmentation.

1. Lemon is best for anti-bacterial agents.Lemon contains an powerful bleaching agent which helps to killing germs and cleaning.To use a lemon on your skin cut a fresh slice of lemon and apply on impacted area of your skin.

2. Aloe Vera is best natural remedy for skin pigmentation.its commonly readily available in gel form.The ingredients contained helps to remove coloring of skin.

3. The Turmeric spice powder also  a remedy for skin pigmentation.its used as a remedy when there is no medicine and products are available in the market.Turmeric maintain elasticity of our skin.

4. Eat healthy food which contain Vitamin E .This vitamin neutralizes the effects of harmful molecules, repairs and protects the skin.

5. Eat Potato which has great skin lighting Property and Often used to lighten dark circles under the eyes

Purasilk-Skin Anatomy

Skin is the most important & largest organ of our body.It act as a protective shield for our body from various such as light, heat ,infection etc.Skin also has different characteristic according to body such as thickness,texture ,color etc.its also depends upon environmental factors.skin anatomy means to the structure of the skin.In skin Anatomy three major layers are there.

         1.    Epidermis

         2.   Dermis

         3.   Subcutaneous

1. Epidermis

Epidermis is 0.1mm thick and  the Outermost layer of our body.the thickness may very from palms of hands and soles of the feet.In this layer there is one main cell called keratinocyte which is responsible for production of tough protein.Nails and hairs are formed due to this cell.Its also a resistance for physical wear and tear and makes skin waterproof.

2. Dermis

Dermis lies immediately to Epidermis and middle layer of our skin.Dermis is four time thicker than Epidermis.It contains various supporting tissues such blood vessels,hair roots,sweat glands and nerves.In the deep dermis, there are different types of sweat gland that connect to the surface of the skin through narrow, spiral-shaped sweat ducts – what we normally call the ‘pores’ of the skin.This layer also contains pain and touch receptors.

3. Subcutaneous

It act as a shock absorber and dippiest layer of our skin.it contains network of collagen and fat cells.This layer helps to conserve body heat and protects from injury.

Purasilk Skin care Products

Purasilk-Acne Treatment

Purasilk is giving you the most current and up-to-date information and resources to treating acne.Before starting acne treatment make sure your face is clean before applying any form of acne medication.Wash your face with fresh water before applying any product.There are some facts which leads to acne.Acne is definitely stress-related.so you have to flare-up when you under stress and any kind of strain.Fresh air and sun helps some acne but over explore of Sun may cause skin inflammation.Sun Should be totally avoided during skin treatment.Acne is basically due to dust and some environmental  factor.so wash your face at least five times a day and using that  product which has  salicylic acid .It will help you gently get rid of skin cells.Purasilk anti-aging Products made up with these kind of chemical formula.Acne is also due to some hormone effects.You can ask to dermatologist before applying any medication. A dermatologist will be able to prescribe you something new and more powerful than what you were previously using or recommend something that will work with your skin problem.  At present time there is Acne laser treatment if you don’t have any money problem.It has 5-6 treatment and each treatment takes 15-20 mins for this.This is also the best treatment and time saving and its shows results immediately.

Purasilk-Skin Care

Generally People starts wrinkles creams, skin care Products from the day when they find first wrinkle on their face.Generally wrinkles are appear in that area where skin is more delicate and thin.e.g around eyes.there are different wrinkle creams are available for each part of the body.Face wrinkle cream made  for slightly thicker and stronger skin.To avoid this use anti wrinkles creams in advance and make justice with your skin so that skin is able to retain moisture and natural firmness.Purasilk Products are combines with many factors which is best for wrinkles.You can use these products each day after bath depending upon your skin condition for the complete body and massage it well so it can absorb completely.skin all over the body will become equally firm and glowing all over.purasilk cream contain moisturizer,which helps to keep skin smooth and supple.it contain ingredients such as vitamin A and E which is essential for Healthy and smoooth skin.often wrinkles are caused by the skin being too dry.Moisturizer helps hydrate the skin,making it more elastic and to back in shape.This is very effective in the Prevention of wrinkle formation


Purasilk-Few Skin Care Tips

Many People in this world always neglect to take care of their skin.But if they use basic steps to take care of skin then they achieve the maximum desired results if followed through diligently and consistently.Basic skin care is a practical and logical Process through which People can take good care of their skin.                                                                                                                  Purasilk Tips

They are few step that i want to share with You to better care of Your skin which is the main motive of Purasilk.

1. Clean Your face with  Skin care cleansers twice a day.Take advice from skin care specialist which skin care cleansers to use because different people have different skin for exp dry skin ,oily skin ,sensitive skin etc.so select your skin care products with advice of skin care specialists.

2.Protect Yourself  from the sun because sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer. its better to use sunscreen in summer and wear protective clothing.

3.Avoid touching your face with your fingers or leaning your face on objects that collect sebum.Touching Your face can cause bacteria which became inflamed and irritated.

4.Don’t  pop pimples because popping pimples can push infected material into skin which leads to more skin problems.

5. If you have acne on Your Body don’t wear tight cloths .

PuraSilk-Soft and Smooth skin can be Yours

The Dream of Soft  and Smooth Healthy Skin can be Yours. For this You have to follow Some Precaution and Steps.

STEP 1: Wash and dry your face.                                                                                                                           

STEP 2: Apply PuraSilk Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer.

STEP 3:Allow time for product to absorb. Use Daily for maximum  anti-aging treatment.
Many People wants Lovely wrinkle free and Fresh looking skin for that they try  lots of Products which leads to a negative result.Purasilk is made Up with  natural method and does not contain any  harsh chemicals which can cause  damage to your skin.Purasilk is clinically verified.Purasilk help to reduce smaller wrinkles and fine Lines.its Superb anti-aging cream gives smooth skin by eliminate all those Wrinkles and Lines on the face and also reduce all age spots if regular use of this product.This Product has superior quality wrinkle lift formula that will erase all the seven signs of aging and make your flawless. The natural ingredients present in this anti-aging product will allow faster skin renewal without any harms and side-effects which leads to overall appearance of Your skin. purasilk Products is perfect way to Enhance  your skin.

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