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Purasilk-Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a serious and sometimes fatal disease but some of people don’t take it seriously.Skin cancer is abnormal growth of skin cellsĀ  on the outer layer of skin.Its increasing rapidly because of ultraviolet rays which directly causes harm to our skin.Skin cancer is a growing disease among people with consistent exposure to the sun.People are not always even aware of what different skin marks are – moles, warfs and lentigos are often mixed up with liver spots .So Purasilk want to share some skin cancer factors which may increase the risk.

1.Excessive sun Exposure:-Person who spent lots of time in the sun and skin is not Protected from any skin care Product and clothing.Using sun screen Product is a minor task that can prevent big problems.You can also use Purasilk Sun Screen Products.

2. Sunny Climate:-People who live in cold climate always has a good skin as compared to people who lived in sunny high temperature and elevations area because the sun light is stronger which exposes more radiation which is result cause of skin cancer.

3.Moles:-Human being which has large number of moles be cause of skin cancer.Many person which has larger and irregular than normal moles are mostly cancerous.

4.Family History of skin cancer:-If parents and Sibling are suffered from skin cancer then it may increase the chance of Skin cancer in next Generation.

5.Weak Immune system:- Human Body which has weak immune system has more chance of skin cancer Development Also more Precaution is needed for those which have sensitive skin.



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