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Purasilk-skin care for teens

Skin Care of teens sometime battle for parents.battle because in teens hormones are change rapidly and , sun exposure, lack of hydration and keeping skin clean are some of the main issue that can lead to blemishes, acne, rash, sunburn and dry skin. Hormonal activity can bring major changes to a teen’s skin. Special  precautions can help maintain your teen’s natural glow and beauty for a long time to come and provide adequate sunburn relief from overexposure.Purasilk Share some of tips to take care of teens skin healthy living.
1.Eat a Balanced Diet and Keep himself well Hydrated.

For healthy skin eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food because it leads to acne on face.Drinks lots of water water  responsible for maintain your body and hydration. Intake of a balanced diet will directly reflect on overall skin care health. Junk food and soda drinks can lead to acne flare-ups and increase salt content – leading to increased dehydration and poor skin health

2. Cleansing,Sun Protection and Moisturizing
Daily clean your face when coming from outside with skin care cleanser.In environment there are so many chemicals are mixed in air which harsh teens skin.
3.Avoid Smoking because smoking greatly effect the skin.

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