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Purasilk-Acne Treatment

Purasilk is giving you the most current and up-to-date information and resources to treating acne.Before starting acne treatment make sure your face is clean before applying any form of acne medication.Wash your face with fresh water before applying any product.There are some facts which leads to acne.Acne is definitely stress-related.so you have to flare-up when you under stress and any kind of strain.Fresh air and sun helps some acne but over explore of Sun may cause skin inflammation.Sun Should be totally avoided during skin treatment.Acne is basically due to dust and some environmental  factor.so wash your face at least five times a day and using that  product which has  salicylic acid .It will help you gently get rid of skin cells.Purasilk anti-aging Products made up with these kind of chemical formula.Acne is also due to some hormone effects.You can ask to dermatologist before applying any medication. A dermatologist will be able to prescribe you something new and more powerful than what you were previously using or recommend something that will work with your skin problem.  At present time there is Acne laser treatment if you don’t have any money problem.It has 5-6 treatment and each treatment takes 15-20 mins for this.This is also the best treatment and time saving and its shows results immediately.


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