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Skin is the most important & largest organ of our body.It act as a protective shield for our body from various such as light, heat ,infection etc.Skin also has different characteristic according to body such as thickness,texture ,color etc.its also depends upon environmental factors.skin anatomy means to the structure of the skin.In skin Anatomy three major layers are there.

         1.    Epidermis

         2.   Dermis

         3.   Subcutaneous

1. Epidermis

Epidermis is 0.1mm thick and  the Outermost layer of our body.the thickness may very from palms of hands and soles of the feet.In this layer there is one main cell called keratinocyte which is responsible for production of tough protein.Nails and hairs are formed due to this cell.Its also a resistance for physical wear and tear and makes skin waterproof.

2. Dermis

Dermis lies immediately to Epidermis and middle layer of our skin.Dermis is four time thicker than Epidermis.It contains various supporting tissues such blood vessels,hair roots,sweat glands and nerves.In the deep dermis, there are different types of sweat gland that connect to the surface of the skin through narrow, spiral-shaped sweat ducts – what we normally call the ‘pores’ of the skin.This layer also contains pain and touch receptors.

3. Subcutaneous

It act as a shock absorber and dippiest layer of our skin.it contains network of collagen and fat cells.This layer helps to conserve body heat and protects from injury.

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